2017 Workshop

The Engine ORC Consortium 2017 Workshop is an open forum for technical sharing and learning about mobile and stationary ORC systems – up to 100 kW net output power.
The 4th annual Workshop will be hosted in Detroit, Michigan between November 15th and 17th, 2017. The three-day program will provide a perfect platform to explore issues of common interest, share successful practices and experiences, debate new concepts with a view to increasing the level of our collaboration and collective impact.

Primary Goals

  • Create an environment for ORC system technical sharing and collaboration.
  • Help define industry standards.
  • Pathway to commercialization for automotive industry.

Technical Areas

  • Working Fluids: Needs, Properties, Characterization
  • Heat Exchanger Technologies: Evaporators/Boilers, Condensers, Recuperators
  • System Modeling: Tools, Approaches
  • System Controls: Requirements, Diagnostics, Approaches
  • Expander Technologies: New Expander Technologies, Market Needs
  • Testing: Requirements, Approaches, Best Practices
  • WHR Application: Light-Duty, Heavy-Duty (Super Truck, No Waste), Stationary, Marine Vessels

Panel Discussions

  • Controls: Dynamic Strategies, Load Shedding, Thermal Inertia
  • Expanders: Design, Application, Performance (Dynamic & Positive Displacement

November 15th-17th, 2017

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Marriott Troy
  • Join ORC professionals from around the globe to learn more about ORC system design & development.
  • Participate in technology sharing, leverage development costs, and meet industry experts.
  • Identify government funding opportunities to expand knowledge base.
  • Access technical papers.

2017 Workshop Schedule

The Engine ORC Consortium 2017 Workshop will feature several technical sessions, panel discussions, and various networking activities. While the schedule for the 2017 Workshop is still being finalized, you can use the below link to view the 2016 Workshop schedule that took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

2016 Workshop Schedule

The Engine ORC Consortium 2016 Workshop took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Wednesday, September 14th, 2016
8:30 Registration
9:15 Introductory Remarks
Kevin Laboe, FCA Group
9:25 Welcome
Prof. Mark Price, Queen’s University Belfast
9:35 An Introduction to the Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy (CASE) and its Role in Industrial-led Innovation
Sam McCloskey, CASE
9:50 Keynote Presentation
Prof. Roy Douglas, Queen’s University Belfast
Guest Speaker, Wrightbus
Technical Session ONE: WHR Applications
Isdell Courtyard
Technical Session TWO: System Modeling
Lecture Room One
10:30 Heat Recovery from Exhaust of an ICE by an ORC
Prof Roberto Cipollone, University of L’Aquila
Transient Model Of Dual Loop Waste Heat Recovery System
Jahedul Islam Chowdhury, Queen’s University Belfast
11:00 Small-Scale ORC for Waste Energy Recovery from a High Efficiency 1kW ICE-SACI Generator System
Davide Ziviani, Ghent University, Purdue University
First and Second Law Analysis Approach for the Study of Internal Combustion Engine Waste Heat Recovery with Organic Rankine Cycles
Simone Lion, Ricardo Deutschalnd GmbH, University of Trieste
11:30 Novel Application for WHR on Stationary Engines
Lionel Macey, ThermTech Ltd.
Beyond the Thermodynamic Analysis in the ORC Fluid Selection Process for Small Scale Applications
Lorenzo Tocci, Entropea Labs
12:00 Optimization of an Invertible HTHP/ORC System for Cooling Water Waste Heat Recovery from Internal Combustion Engines
Bernardo Peris Pérez, University Jaume I
Dynamic Modeling of Waste Heat Recovery Organic Rankine Cycle Systems in the Amesim Platform
Ludovic Guillaume, University of Liege
12:30 Waste Heat Recovery Technologies:
A Broader Assessment and a Coherent Package to Meet the Upcoming 2025 CAFE Standard – Business and Technology Perspective

Sudhi Uppuluri, CSEG
Meeting the Challenge of Organic Rankine Cycle Based Waste Heat Recovery Simulation
John Murray, Mentor Graphics
13:00 Lunch
Technical Session ONE: WHR Applications
Isdell Courtyard
Technical Session TWO: System Modeling
Lecture Room One
14:00 Organic Rankine Cycle for Marine Applications using a New Refrigerant
Léa Verger, Enertime
Lessons Learned from Numerical Modelling of Multiple Heat Source Organic Rankine Cycle for Engine Applications
Dr. Mattia De Rosa, Queen’s University Belfast
14:30 A Tale of Two Circuits: ORCs for Electrical Generators or for Fossil Fuelled Vehicles
Thomas Cromie, AgriAD Power
Thermo-Economic Optimization of Organic Rankine Cycle Systems for Waste Heat Recovery From Exhaust and Recirculated Gases of Heavy Duty Trucks
Ludovic Guillaume, University of Liege
15:00 Organic Rankine Cycles: Challenges in Light Duty Passenger Vehicle Implementation
Eric Lott, Vetri Chandrasekaran, FCA Group
Exemplary Thermoeconomic Assessment of a Small ORC Application Using Dynamic Simulation Models
Adrian Rettig, Lucerne University
15:30 Industrial Waste Heat for Electricity and District Heat Production: Demonstration Plant in a Steel Mill based on ORC Technology for using Electric Arc Furnace Fumes
Miguel Ramirez, Tecnalia Research and Innovation
16:00 Panel Discussion ONE: Controls
Chair: Dr. Ingo Friedrich, IAV
Panel: Dr. Vincent Grelet, Dr. Emanuel Feru, and Dr. Ingo Friedrich
17:15 Wrap-Up and Closing
Kevin Laboe, FCA Group
19:00 Networking
Drinks in Belfast City Centre, Crown Bar, Great Victoria St.
Thursday, September 15th, 2016
9:15 Welcome and Recap
Kevin Laboe, FCA Group
9:20 Piston expanders in ORC Applications
Dr. Christos Markides, Imperial College London
Technical Session THREE: Testing
Isdell Courtyard
9:50 Experimental Investigations of the Valorization of the Exhaust Waste Heat of a Gasoline Engine Based on a Rankine Cycle
Oliver Dumont, University of Liege
10:20 Testing of a Flexible ORC Thermal Architecture
Dr. Angad Panesar, University of Brighton
10:50 Developing a Test Bed for Small-Scale ORC Expanders in Waste-Heat Recovery Applications
Dr. Martin White, Imperial College London
11:20 Coffee
Technical Session FOUR: Controls
Isdell Courtyard
Technical Session FIVE: Working Fluids
Lecture Room One
11:40 Supervisory Control of a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine with an Electrified Waste Heat Recovery System
Dr. Ir Emanuel Feru, TNO Automotive
Holistic Evaluation of ORC Working Fluids for Mobile Applications based nn Screening of the Pubchem Database
Dr. Markus Preißinger, University of Bayreuth
12:10 Control of ORC based Waste Heat Recovery Systems in Heavy-Duty Vehicles
Shilp Dixit, Flanders Make
Integrated Working-Fluid Design and ORC System Optimisation for Waste-Heat Recovery Using Camd and The Saft-𝜸 Mie Equation Of State
Dr. Martin White, Imperial College London
12:50 Lunch
Technical Session FOUR: Controls
Isdell Courtyard
Technical Session FIVE: Working Fluids
Lecture Room One
13:50 Preview Control of Engine Waste Heat Energy Conversion Systems
Jianhua Zhang, North China Electric Power University
A Cost-Based ORC Design Methodology Applied to a Heavy-Duty Vehicle
Dr. Ir Chris Criens, Flanders Make
14:20 Improving Safe Operation of Organic Rankine Cycle Units in Automotive Applications using Model Predictive Control
Andrés Hernández, Ghent University
Pragmatic Coolant Heat Recovery and Organic Rankine for Road And Off-Road Vehicles
Pierre Leduc, IFPEN
14:50 Performance Assessment of Waste Heat Recovery Rankine Cycle Based System For Heavy Duty Trucks
Dr. Vincent Grelet, ULg / UCBL1
Automotive Waste Heat Recovery: ORC Working Fluid Selection Driven by a Thermodynamic Approach
Dr. Kevin Morgan, Queen’s University Belfast
15:10 Lunch
15:30 Panel Discussion TWO: ORC Working Fluids
Panel: Dr. Markus Preißinger, Dr. Mark Sweeney, and Prof. Roy Douglas
16:40 Wrap-Up and Closing
Kevin Laboe, FCA Group
19:00 Dinner Networking
Conference Dinner, Titanic Belfast
Friday, September 16th, 2016
9:15 Welcome and Recap
Kevin Laboe, FCA Group
9:20 Financing Sustainable Energy Projects
Chris Holmes, Green Investment Bank
Technical Session SIX: Expander Technologies
Isdell Courtyard
Technical Session SEVEN: Heat Exchanged Technologies
Lecture Room One
9:50 Integration and Optimization of a Piston Expander For Exhaust Heat Recovery on a Heavy Duty Truck
Rémi Daccord, EXOES – Rankine Technologies
Modular Evaporator for Rankine Cycle Waste Heat Recovery
Robert Cloudt, Bosal Emission Control Systems
10:20 Expander Technologies: New Expander Technologies and Market Needs
Sam Cockerill, Libertine FPE Ltd.
Engine Waste Heat Recovery and Heat Exchanger Development
Dr. Dong Junqi, Zhejiang Yinlun Machinery
10:50 Aerodynamic Design and Stress Analysis of 100 kW Radial Inflow Turbine For Organic Rankine Cycle System
Dr. Lei Chen, Heavy Engineering Research Association
Novel Heat Transfer Concepts Using R245fa in Organic Rankine Cycle with High Temperature Exhaust Gas
Dr. Haiam Abbas, Heavy Engineering Research Association
11:20 Coffee
Technical Session SIX: Expander Technologies
Isdell Courtyard
Technical Session SEVEN: Heat Exchanged Technologies
Lecture Room One
11:40 Design of a Radial Expander for Organic Rankine Cycle Waste Heat Recovery In High Efficiency Off-Highway Vehicles
Dr. Apostolos Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, Brunel University London
A System-Level Approach to the Development of Optimized ORC Waste Heat Recovery Components For Heavy-Duty Truck
Paul Anschel, BorgWarner Inc.
12:10 Expansion Machine Impact on Heat Exchanger Design for Rankine Cycle Based Heat Recovery Systems for Heavy Duty Trucks Applications
Dr. Vincent Grelet, Tenneco GmbH
12:40 Closing Remarks
Kevin Laboe, FCA Group
12:50 Working Lunch: Incorporating Panel Discussions on Economics and Expander Design
Economics Panel: Kevin Laboe, Chris Holmes, and Thomas Cromie
Expander Design Panel: Dr. Vincent Lemort, Dr. Steve Glover, and Rémi Daccord
13:45 Coach Departs for Banbridge
Tour of AgriAD
16:45 Return Journey to Belfast
17:30 Arrive Belfast City Centre
Kevin Laboe FCA
Tony Li Yinlun
Roy Douglas Queens University Belfast
Steve Glover Queens University Belfast
Bryce Shaffer Air Squared
Kirk Shaffer Air Squared
Vincent Lemort University of Liege, Belgium
Oliver Dingle IAV
Gary Hunter AVL
Thomas Cromie AgriAd