Engine ORC Consortium

The purpose of the Engine ORC Consortium (EORCC) is to create a group OEMs and suppliers involved in Organic Rankine Cycle systems and component development and manufacturing, to leverage our knowledge, experience, and share basic system technology, including testing and cycle design, without compromising any IP sensitive information.

Primary Goals

  • Create an environment for ORC system technical sharing and collaboration.
  • Help define industry standards.
  • Pathway to commercialization for automotive industry.

Technical Areas

  • Basic ORC cycle design and thermodynamic efficiencies.
  • Expander (dynamic and positive displacement) designs and isentropic efficiencies at operating pressure ratios.
  • ORC fluid selection and criteria.
  • System test standardization – industry (SAE) and EPA acceptance.
  • Testing equipment, measurement, and safety precautions.
  • Leverage development costs and production tooling for system commodity items such as hoses, fittings, heat exchangers, ORC fluid and filters, service equipment, etc.
AntiTrust Disclaimer

The Engine ORC Consortium is a not‐for‐profit organization and developer of voluntary consensus standards. The purpose of antitrust laws is to preserve economic competition in the marketplace by prohibiting, among other things, unreasonable restraints of trade. In the Engine ORC Consortium activities, it is important to recognize that participants often represent competitive interests. Antitrust laws require that all competition be open and unrestricted. It is the Engine ORC Consortium policy, and the policy of each or it’s committees and subcommittees to conduct all business and activity in full compliance with international, federal and state antitrust and competition laws. All members need to be aware of and compliant with this policy. Recording at The Engine ORC Consortium meetings is prohibited.


Kevin Laboe FCA
Tony Li Yinlun
Roy Douglas Queen’s University Belfast
Steve Glover Queen’s University Belfast
Bryce Shaffer Air Squared
Kirk Shaffer Air Squared
Vincent Lemort University of Liege, Belgium
Oliver Dingle IAV
Gary Hunter AVL
Thomas Cromie AgriAd
Arnaud Desrentes Exoès
Rémi Daccord Exoès
Eckhard Groll Purdue University
Vincent Grelet Tenneco
Pierre Leduc IFP Energies Nouvelles